Sunset Photography at Lake Parker

//Sunset Photography at Lake Parker

Sunset Photography at Lake Parker

Glorious Sunset. Epic Results

So it was a Saturday afternoon and I decided to spend the last two hours of light and head to a really nice area at Lake Parker in Lakeland Florida. It was a great 72 degrees afternoon and the sun is just about to go out. I used two cameras, one was shooting the time-lapse you can watch by clicking here. The first camera was mounted on a tripod with the Canon 70-200mm f 4.0 photographing at 6-second intervals. The results were fantastic, the sunsets really look great this time of year.

With the other camera, I was switching between my trusty 50mm f 1.8 and the amazing wide angle lens Tokina 11-16mm f 2.8. These awesome sunsets were shot with bracketing (manually), since there’s no Magic Lantern Release for the Canon T7i yet. So without further due check out these amazing images and let me know what you think! Have a blessed day! Please share this with your friends down below!

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